Van Buren Township

Elected Officials
  • Rita Barrow, Trustee
  • Elected Township Board
  • John Wilson, Board President
  • Ron Pursell, Board Secretary
  • Will Smith, Board Member
  • Township Staff
  • Gary Bruce, Deputy Trustee
  • Robert LaGarde, Caseworker
  • Rachel Combs, Caseworker, Accounts Payable
  • Rebecca Jessmer, Payroll, Accounts Payable

  • Who is my Township Trustee

    When Can My Trustee Help

    A Township Trustee is an elected official

    Your Township Trustee office is a unit of local government with the goal of helping Township Residents as efficiently as they can.

    Monroe County is comprised of eleven (11) Townships. The Township Trustee has the statutory responsibility to provide the fire protection to the Township. Some Trustees have transferred that responsibility to either a Fire Territory or a Fire District.

    Trustee can provide assistance for shelter and utility's tom people with immediate needs who meet the Township Guidelines, maintains abandoned cemeteries, serves as Notary Public, and investigates complaints of noxious weeds and rank vegetation in residential areas.

    Your Township's Trustee is responsible for all applications for Township Assistance

    Applications for township Assistance are reviewed according to uniform written standards without consideration of race, creed, nationality, or gender of the applicants family.

    Township Trustees prepare written assistance guidelines, using the standards as defined by statute Indiana Code 12-20-5.5-2.

    The Township Trustee reviews the Assistance Guidelines and updates them annually to reflect changes in the cost of basic necessities in the township and changes in the law.

    These Township Assistance Guidelines are filed with the County Board of Commissioners.

    These Guidelines mist be posted prominently and visible to the public in offices of the township trustee in which applications are accepted or processed.