Van Buren Township

Elected Officials
  • Rita Barrow, Trustee
  • Elected Township Board
  • John Wilson, Board President
  • Ron Pursell, Board Secretary
  • Will Smith, Board Member
  • Township Staff
  • Gary Bruce, Deputy Trustee
  • Robert LaGarde, Caseworker
  • Rachel Combs, Caseworker, Accounts Payable
  • Rebecca Jessmer, Payroll, Accounts Payable

  • Township Assistance

    Utilities - To prevent loss of service, the trustee will provide vouchers for essential utilities such as water, gas and electric. The trustee may also pay for wood, coal, propane or fuel oil.

    Medical - Expenses the trustee may assist with include: prescriptions, insulin and emergency dental care.

    Transportation - Gas or bus fare may be provided medical purposes. Traveler's aid may be provided to non-residents seeking to return to their legal residence.

    Funerals - The trustee may provide mortuary and burial expenses if no other resources are available.

    Application Process - Individuals are given an application along with a list of documents to bring to an interview with a caseworker. Requests for assistance will be decided within three (3) working days. If the applicant qualifies, the trustee will issue a voucher for the approved assistance. Workfare will be assigned to repay the amount of assistance unless the person is working full-time, disabled or without childcare. In accordance with Indiana law, the trustee adheres to Township Assistance Guidelines in determining an applicant's eligibility. The Guidelines are posted in the trustee's office. The Guidelines are reviewed and updated annually to reflect any changes in applicable federal and state regulations.


    • Must be a resident of Van Buren Township
    • An emergency situation exists
    • Meet income guidelines
    • Be in need of basic necessities (food, shelter, utilities, medical care)
    • Must be employed full time (35 hours per week), seeking full-time employment, or medically exempt from working
    • Required to apply for other public assistance programs